Gears for Engineers

Technology, start-up, scale-up advisor

Technology advise & architecture review

SaaS software and cloud architecture review and advise. Ranging from software architecture and implementation, to software development lifecycle best practices.

CTO & startup/scale-up engineering leadership coaching

Coaching technology leaders on engineering best practices, tailored towards your organization needs. Focussed on delivering high quality software, in time, having a happy team.

Technical Due Diligence

A deep dive on technology, product, people and process following an optimized and pragmatic set of interviews and data to be delivered. Resulting in a clear view on strengths and weaknesses of the organization.

Tim Drijvers


Tim Drijvers has over 10 years of experience as a CTO in SaaS software. He has successfully scaled organizations from 10 to hundreds of engineers and created software and architecture that can handle heavy enterprise usage of up to tens of thousands of active users.

CoC number: 91826160
Wim van Baaststraat 12, 5063CS Oisterwijk